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communis: common

  I want to be left alone; truly, that was my first thought.  She arrived in a car painted boldly with her worldview and website.  Cyber-stalking confirmed she was a person of some renown for her antagonist religious views. Wishing … Continue reading

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Mother’s Shoes

Five hours after the coffin was pushed into the crypt, my stepfather called and told me to come get my mother’s stuff. “Don’t forget the bathroom. Take her toothbrush too.” He wanted it gone that night. I told him I’d … Continue reading

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Don’t Look At Me!

Mass media accounts of child sexual abuse tell stories of the deviant actions of individuals that run contrary to our moral sensibilities.  That’s what makes news.  These perversions are seen as crimes against the social structure of our culture and … Continue reading

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Life Mid-Crisis

I’ve been trying to make sense of this.  Of all this.  The last three years, or is it really the last fifty.  Please godde, don’t let it be some clichéd mid-life crisis.  But it seems that all the things I … Continue reading

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The Hole in the Night

There is a moment between breathing in and breathing out, between laughter and tears, between death and life, and always between darkness and light.  It is only a gasp, only a glimmer, only a moment.  But inside that moment lives … Continue reading

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The e-pub version of my new book, “Length of Light” should be available within days! YAY!! Paperback will be available soon! I’m turning blue holding my breath ! ! ! I’m so excited to share these stories with you! from … Continue reading

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Wonderful Advice for E-Publishing

With the advent of my work “The Length of Light” launching after Thanksgiving, I am beginning to look toward how to make sure it gets into you, the reader’s, hands!  I want to make it easy and affordable for everyone! … Continue reading

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