Wonderful Advice for E-Publishing

With the advent of my work “The Length of Light” launching after Thanksgiving, I am beginning to look toward how to make sure it gets into you, the reader’s, hands!  I want to make it easy and affordable for everyone!

Carolyn McCray writes wonderfully accessible and helpful information on best practices for e-publishing! http://www.digitalbookworld.com is a grand resource.

E-publishing has made literature available in such an easy way, almost everyone has access.  There are so many great values in e-books.  My son in the Army is reading material he NEVER would have picked up at the library or a bookstore–or even in our own extensive family library.

Writers: Check out this website, it is full of assistance!  http://www.digitalbookworld.com



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2 Responses to Wonderful Advice for E-Publishing

  1. King says:

    E-publishing is a fantastic way to get your work to the masses. However, some purists like to feel pages in their hands. If someone were willing to pay a premium for it, would you make available a print edition of your work?

    • ABSOLUTELY! Most e-books can be ordered as print-on-demand. The good news is that even print-on-demand format is more reasonable than a first release book from a big publishing company. Do you want to spend $25 for a book ? ? ? ? Then buy SEVERAL print-on-demand books and give them as gifts! ! ! Spread the joy!

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